Do you feel stuck? Did you know that there are effective alternatives to the typical clinical counseling model of treatment?  We offer options that work with your natural healing abilities to quickly bring hope, joy, and peace into your life?


We recognize your wholeness and ability to turn symptoms into strengths, recover from  past hurts, and return to your authentic self.  Brief, intense, effective treatments to move you into your best life.


Real help for regular people. 

The Ancient Ways Counseling Team


Hi, I'm Brad. 

MS Counseling Psychology, Spiritualist Minister, founder of Ancient Ways Counseling

Life can be overwhelming, but our world is also full of guidance, support, and healing.

Sometimes all it takes is curiosity and openness to begin to find peace.  I help people rekindle their hopefulness by offering brief treatments that encourage curiosity, self-exploration, and powerful insights.  If you have been suffering with fear or lack of direction, it may be time to try something more holistic and empowering. You are not broken, let me show you how.


Dr. William Kelley

Phd Counseling Psychology, Yoga instructor, Wellness Director

In a world of division, people often forget that they are whole! Mind, Body, and Spirit.
You have the answers inside if you are willing to believe in yourself. I encourage people to recognize their wholeness through open listening and self awareness. I have the background and experience to help you understand and stay on track with your personal goals, recognizing that the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual are all interconnected.